air purification

Our unique industrial air cleaning solution is the patented result of extensive development work. Our mission is to create a cleaner and more sustainable world by enhancing industrial dust extraction.

The numerous advantages of our technology include reliability, efficiency, affordability and small size.

The solution comes to the site ready to use, leaving out the tedious and time-consuming process of construction and building permits.

Fluid dynamics

The best ability to separate small particles for selected applications on the market.

The technology of our products has been developed over several years through collaboration between research in fluid dynamics and engineering. Our innovation, which is based on precise control of the flow of gasses, is revolutionary and our product has the best ability to separate fine particle on the market in selected applications.

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of the technology

Our products are suitable for a large range of purification needs. It is reliable, scalable, modular, resistant to high temperatures and wear, and quick to deploy



The products can be joined together as needed for dust separation. They can be arranged in a row or in stacks


Adapts to a wide range of applications and industries through configuration.


Thanks to its modularity, it is suitable for plants of different sizes. It can also be connected to support an existing system.

Heat resistance

Withstands temperatures up to +1,000 degrees Celsius, where conventional Teflon-based filters do not work.

Resistance to wear

Withstands abrasive dust such as stone dust from the mining and construction industries


Acquisition and maintenance costs are low, as the solution does not need to be serviced as often as conventional dust separation equipment.


Works without filters that would break and become clogged.


The best ability to separate fine particles on the market, which improves air quality at sites with dust and reduces environmental emissions.



Built in a shipping container, it is easy to transport and move to the source of dust Fits in many kinds of places.

Plug and play installation

No need for fixed structures such as foundations or other construction or building permits.

Industrially manufactured

Manufactured industrially and in a controlled manner in series, which means it is immediately functional and ready for use.

Ability to separate

If necessary, the material filtered from the gases can be easily recovered.

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Scalable solutions

Suitable for all demanding dust sites, including corrosive and high temperature sites, such as coking plants and steel smelters in the metal industry and power plants that use fossil fuels. Easily scales up to fit the size of the site.

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