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SSAB and Filtrabit agree on another unit for Raahe steel mill

SSAB and Filtrabit have agreed on the delivery of a modular dust extraction unit, to add to the capacity of the flow-dynamic filter already operating in SSAB’s steel mill in Raahe, Finland.

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Interview of Timo Vierimaa, SSAB Raahe Technology Manager

After two years of operation of a Filtrabit unit at the plant, we had a chance to interview Timo Vierimaa, the Technology Manager of the SSAB steelworks in Raahe, Finland.

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SSAB steelworks coking plant in Raahe, Finland

Filtrabit’s flow-dynamic filter is installed inside the 15-metre-high filtration unit of the coking plant, where a traditional textile filter can reduce only part of all the microparticles below 2.5 micrometres in diameter.

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RS: ”Innovation developed by request of SSAB is expected to become an international success story”

The newspaper Raahen Seutu reports (in Finnish) about Filtrabit’s innovative technology.

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T&T: ”A revolutionary invention to the dust control problem of industry”

Read the (Finnish language) article about Filtrabit’s invention in a leading engineering publication.

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