New industry standard

The flow-dynamic filter has arrived. Extensive research together with universities and partner clients has resulted in an innovation that brings industrial dust control to the 21st century and the time of the 4th industrial revolution.

Company Technology


Filtrabit is a flow-how company in the greentech sector. Our focus is on solving the dust control problems of industry and improving air quality inside and outside industrial plants.

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Our patented flow-dynamic filtering technology answers the dust control and PM2.5 reduction needs of industrial clients in several industries. Enabling waste heat capture and material side streams – together with superior operability and filtering performance – amount to substantial economic, environmental and health benefits for clients.

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Numbers that matter to us

6 000 000

According to the World Health Organization, up to 6 000 000 people die each year due to air pollution in the world. We are working for a cleaner and healthier world.

1 000

Our technology can clean gases in temperatures up to 1 000 degrees Celsius, where conventional Teflon-based filters do not work.


Our solution can be installed on site ready for use in just one working day, as it is serially produced in portable modular units.

Dust Removal as a Service

Because of the modular design of the solution, we are able to offer an alternative of Dust-Removal-as-a-Service to customers, entirely without the burden of investment and ownership.

For many applications, the energy savings from waste heat capture alone are enough to offset the cost of the service.

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Strategic value selling, the next evolution of B2B sales

Pasi Pesonen, Filtrabit VP of Sales, sees that sales have changed in invisible waves during his long career as an international sales and business director.

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What do business coaching and modern sales have in common?

Pasi Pesonen, global clean business specialist, leads Filtrabit sales by coaching his team and business partners to build and share value.

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Introducing Filtrabit VP of Sales, Pasi Pesonen

From his first position at Unilever to Filtrabit, clean is the common business you can find throughout his international career. After 30 years abroad, he has returned to Finland to find the adventure he didn’t know he was looking for.

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Patents were the highest recognition for Veikko Valli, the father of Filtrabit innovations

Sad news brought the Filtrabit family to a standstill on Monday. Veikko Valli, the father of Filtrabit innovations and founder of the company, passed away on Saturday the 4th of June.

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SSAB steelworks coking plant in Raahe, Finland

Filtrabit’s flow-dynamic filter is installed inside the 15-metre-high filtration unit of the coking plant, where a traditional textile filter can reduce only part of all the microparticles below 2.5 micrometres in diameter.

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RS: ”Innovation developed by request of SSAB is expected to become an international success story”

The newspaper Raahen Seutu reports (in Finnish) about Filtrabit’s innovative technology.

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T&T: ”A revolutionary invention to the dust control problem of industry”

Read the (Finnish language) article about Filtrabit’s invention in a leading engineering publication.

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Flow-dynamic dust separation is the new standard for industries that generate heavy, dry and fine dust from sand, dusty material handling, slag, welding, metal grinding and cutting operations with laser or gas, etc.

Examples of customers include steel mills, foundries, machine shops, factories, power plants and stone processing companies.


Coking plants at steel mills are prime examples of high dust producing environments where the ability to filter hot gas flows provides significant savings and carbon emission reduction.


Multiple stages of the cement making process produce dust and other particulate matter, including the handling of sand and high-temperature kilns. Recovered dust can be immediately reused as raw material.

Power & Heat

Burning of coal, waste or other fuels for power and heat production generates large volumes of particulate matter, often near population dense areas, that need to be effectively filtered.

Mining & Quarries

Working with stone necessarily produces a lot of heavy dust, with even greater demand for modularity and portability due to operating in an environment that is changing over time.


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